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05 Sep 2014Significant science, slower phase separation in ACE than in BCAT-KP

26 Aug 2014Same sample, different behavior?

22 Aug 2014Significant science, gelation and phase separation

21 Aug 2014Image stabilization and filtering

18 Aug 2014On-orbit challenges, broken LMM lamp

03 Aug 2014Converting the website to documents

02 Aug 2014Building a website from a few dozen lines of code

01 Aug 2014Collaborative writing with Linux, LaTeX, Eclipse and git

27 Jul 2014First look at some raw data, preliminary stabilization

15 Jul 2014Why is it taking so long to post data? Data organization

14 Jul 2014ACE-M2 run 4, first phase-separation images

02 Jul 2014ACE-M2 runs 1 and 2 success summary

01 Jul 2014ACE-M2 first-run flight operations

17 Jun 2014ACE M3 samples for quantitative microscopy

04 Jun 2014First images of ACE-M2 samples

04 Jun 2014ACE-M2 starting operations

29 May 2014Life imitates The Onion

18 Apr 2014ACE-M2 launched into space

06 Mar 2014ACE-M2 sample layout

05 Mar 2014Samples for the second ACE experiment, ACE-M2

01 Jan 2014Telling the story of science on the Space Station